Donkeys, strangely-named goats and so many apples – WWOOF day 2 – 16/09/19

I am doing WWOOF – a month-long programme where I am working on a French farm.  I am writing a daily blog about my experiences.  I will write in English and French.  My French isn’t perfect and there will be mistakes.  And I may use Frenglish.  I welcome all corrections.  I tend to transliterate more than translate, but I’m working to improve this. 

Today began at 8 with a shower and some breakfast – bread, jam and apple juice, all provided by Mathias and Elisabeth.  Over breakfast, I chatted with Nathaniel.  Well, chatting is being generous.  He spoke in French and I just nodded and smiled along.  I found out more about him.  He is 33 and he comes from near Normandy.  He is a biology teacher, and this is his first WWOOF.  But most importantly, he is very patient with my poor French.  Over breakfast, he discussed the Channel Islands – Jersey and Guernsey, and he explained they were once owned by the Normans.  But, as per usual, I misunderstood and thought he was talking about William the Conquerer.  Oops.

After breakfast, we started work at 9am.  Cleaning, picking up sticks and broken glass.  There were some old stable doors that needed to have their metal brackets and bolts removed.  This was fun, as I had never done this before.  After this, we had to do some cleaning.  We gathered up the broken glass and sticks to put on a cart that would be pulled along by a donkey.  Nathaniel showed me how to put the harness on the donkey.  He was a good teacher.  Also, Mathias taught me a very important piece of advice – never walk behind a donkey or a horse.  If they get scared, they’ll kick out and that could kill you.  I was also able to lead the donkey back and forth.  The donkey helped us transport the sticks from one section to another.  After we had finished, we fed the donkey and gave water to the pigs.  The morning work was over.

While I was resting in my room, I heard a commotion outside.  One of the pigs had knocked over one of the bins as it knew there was food in there.  They’re clever animals.



Afterwards, I joined Moya.  God, I love that dog.  She’s so big and fluffy.  I told her to sit in French and she obeyed.  My French must be better than I thought.  I also met the two draught horses – Lily and Rose.  Magnificent creatures.

But it was time for lunch.  For starters, it was a tomato and pepper salad and some sausage.  I thought this was all, but after Elisabeth brought out a pasta bake.  Lunch was delicious and we chatted more or well my hosts talked to me in English and I replied in French.  With French, I can understand a few words, but by the time I have understood those words, the French have said a million more.  They speak so quickly.  Also, Elisabeth told me that at least once a week, it is my responsibility to cook dinner for them.  I may cook my keto chicken parmigiana.

After lunch finished at 15hr, we drove to an apple orchard owned by Mathias’ friend Rassan.  We spent the afternoon – three hours picking up apples.  There were so many.  The most amount of apples I have seen in my life.


But after that we drank some of Rassan’s cider which was very good.  At 7, we headed home, but we had to stop along the way as one of our goats had come loose.  Elisabeth told me that the goat was called cannabis.  Who called it that and why? I don’t know.  Although I could guess.

At 21hr, we ate dinner: more soup, mussels, fish, pasta bake and liver.  After that we had the usual cheese and bread.  I had the honours of cutting the bread and I made a massive mess of it.  Just when I thought that was all the food, Elisabeth brought out her delicious apple tartine.  Just before we went to sleep, Nathaniel and I had to coax the buck back to his enclosure in the dark, which was interesting.  But what I love most about being here is being able to see the stars at night.  And that was the end of day 2.  A day of donkeys, goats with strange names and so many apples.


Aujourd’hui a commencé à 8hr avec une douche et petit déjeuner – pain, confiture et jus du pomme – tout provider sur Mathias et Elisabeth.  J’ai parlé avec Nathaniel.  Il a 33ans, il vienne du proche Normandy et il est professeur de la biologie.  Comme moi, c’est son premier WWOOF.  Mais plus importante, il est très patient avec mon mal Français.  Pendant le petit déjeuner, il m’a demandé sur les Isles du Manche – Jersey et Guernsey – et comment ils étaient Norman.  Mais je n’ai lui comprends pas et j’ai pensé qu’il parlait sur William the Conquerer.  Oops.

A 9hr, le travail a commencé.  Nettoyer, remasser les branches et les verres des caisse.  Il y avait des vielle ports quoi doit leur brackets et bolts removed.  C’était très amusant parce que je n’ai pas faire avant.  Après ça, Nathaniel m’a enseigné comment a mets le harnais sur l’ane.  L’ann nous avons aidé avec notre travaille.  Nathaniel était un très bien professeur.  Aussi Mathias m’a enseigné un peu du plus importante conseil – ne marche jamais derrière l’ane.  Si l’ann a peur, i twill kick out et c’est pourrais vous tuer.  Aussi, I led the donkey around the farm which was fun.

Après on a fini, on a récompensé l’ane pour son travaille avec des nourritures et on a donné l’eau a les cochons.  Travaille pour le matin a fini.  Quand, je me reposais dans ma chambre, J’ai entendu un chaos l’extérieur et j’ai que le cochon had knocked over a bin as it knew it would find food there.  Quelles intelligentes animales.  Après ça, j’ai caressé Moya.  Mon dieu, j’adore cette chienne.  Elle est trop grande et mignonne.  Je l’ai dit asseye-vous et elle a obligé.  Mon Français est meilleur que j’ai pensé.  Aussi j’ai reconnu les chevaux – Lilly et Rose – les bêtes magnifique.

C’était les temps pour dejeuner.  Première on a mangé la soupe et la salade et un saucisson.  J’ai pensé que c’était toute la nourriture, mais Elisabeth a donné nous un pasta bake.  On a continué parler en Français… ou ils me parent en Anglais et j’ai repliée en Français.  Mon ecoutant est trop mal.  Les Français parlent trop vite ! Mais avec les temps, j’y vais améliorer.  Aussi, Elisabeth m’a dit que WWOOFERS doit cuisiner pour leurs hosts un fois par semaine.  Je vais cuisiner mon keto chicken parmigiana.

Après le déjeuner a fini á 15hr, on a conduit à l’Orchard d’ami de Mathias – Rasson.  On a cuillère les pommes pour l’après-midi.  Il y avait trop beaucoup pommes.  Les plus pommes que j’ai vu dans ma vie.



Mais après on a fini, on a bus le cidre du Rasson.  C’était très sympa.  A 19hr, on est retourné à notre ferme, mais on a arrêté, parce qu’une chevre had run loose.  Et Elisabeth m’a dit que la chèvre est s’appelle cannabis.  Pourquoi ? Je sais pas.  But I could guess why.

21hr et ces fois pour diner : Moules, poissions, soupe et liver et le pain et fromage bien sûr.  J’ai coupé le pain et je fais un pas terrible job.  Quand, j’ai pensé que on a fini, Elisabeth brought out her delicious apple tartine.

Apres diner, Nathaniel et moi had to catch a buck that had escaped…in the dark, which was fun.  Mais je pense que le meilleur parte de la vie dans la campagne et regardes a le ciel et vu les stars.  Et c’est tout pour mon deuxième jour : un jour dès les anes, les chèvres avec les bizarres noms et beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup les pommes.


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